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                        Taj Mahal restaurant

The Taj Mahal restaurant is the Best Indian Restaurant in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Iceland is a tourist country and million of visitors visit every year to explore the natural beauty of iceland. Huge number of Indian visitors visit Iceland each year.  We are India base company and our Restaurant is Specialist in Indian traditional cuisine. Taj Mahal is actually an Indian seven star hotel and one of world’s wonder. We are delivering the traditional Indian taste with the best spices in recipes. Our chefs are fully experienced and trained from India. We never compromise on quality and customer services. This is the reason due to which the Taj Mahal restaurant is considering the best, delicious, organized and getting loved from whole of the Reykjavik, Iceland. we are offering Dine inn, Take away and home delivery.

The Speciality of Taj Mahal Restaurant is the Indian Thali, Indian thali is like platter of Indian traditional foods. this is very famous worldwide, customer can taste variety of dishes at single meal.

Indian Thali Indian traditional thali

The Taj mahal restaurant is located in the heart of the Reykjavik  city of Iceland, which is the most preferable tourist attraction by the past few years. The happy and satisfy visitors from all around the world are well familiar  with the pure Indian taste of our restaurant.

Taj Mahal Restaurant is the only authentic Indian restaurant in Iceland, where you can enjoy food of pure traditional Indian taste cooked by highly experienced chefs from India.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of Western and North Indian dishes, so everyone will find something to satisfy the taste: spicy curries, Tandoor baked naan bread and kebabs, Samosas, Onion bhaji,  paneer tikka etc. Indian cuisine is known for its vegetarian dishes so all vegetarians will find a wide selection of exotic Indian dishes. Taj Mahal restaurant observes and maintain the highest standards of quality and fresh food.

Our trained staff from India always ensure that your food is cooked in accordance with all the requirements as per Indian cuisine so that you can enjoy an authentic Indian food served on table.

You can Order your meal online at our website, app or you can call us.

Part of the secret of a success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside and Eating is intimate. It is linked to our body physically, mentally and emotionally. You invite a person in your life when you invite them on your foodie world.
It is said rightly
“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”
We are the perfect place where you can come with your good friends and family and spend a quality time along with good food. Your perfect experience of dining with us make us a happiest creature on this Earth and inspire us more to do great food. With purity in our heart, we not just make a food but create everlasting memories as well. We believe in doing things in our unique way, affording no compromise over quality. We are among the best Indian cuisines known for using fresh ingredients and homemade spices.